Forgot I bought these awkward siblings


I ate a pizza and then wanted another one :(


Just lost and found my house key with the help of Kully and Ali :)

Urgh not spending money is so hard.

I watched the Dark Knight Trilogy on Sunday. It took hours and I fell asleep during the first hour of the third one, but it was an achievement sort’ve. That was last week’s unnecessary expenditure, when the ultimate edition finally reached an acceptable price. I will have to write about it for Obtanium soon.

Also, I want to watch Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.
Maybe that could be this weekend.

It’s now Friday which means it’s time to get Rebecca Black’s song accidentally stuck on internal repeat.

2 more weeks until I take a holiday week. I just need to work out what I’m going to do for it.

This is rambly.


Toy Story That Time Forgot.







Summer, never leave me


Today 2: it got better


Today. Summer storm!




be careful what you post online because future employers might see it and want to hang out with you because you’re so cool





5 films I own that I haven’t even opened

Sometimes you just buy things on a whim, for a day that never comes. So far that’s exactly what’s happened with these movies.

  1. Mysterious Skin I watched this years ago, in like 2005, before JGL’s meteoric rise to the big league. It also has Michelle Trachtenberg in. It’s a great, brutal film. It’s kind of like Requiem for a dream: the sort of film you want your friends to watch, but incredibly uncomfortable to do so. I got it from Fopp for £5 and haven’t revisited it yet.
  2. The Three Caballeros I went through a stage of thinking I could collect every Disney classic. I was going to have a full on library, I forget why, and so I bought this and a few others on the same day, I think from Sainsburys? This one is a super early one and I remember liking the Mexican-themed song from a VHS of Disney songs from back when I was younger. I haven’t opened this yet because…there’s just never a day where I want to watch it.
  3. Hugo This is a great film! I saw it once and then bought it when it went down to £5.99 on Amazon. I haven’t watched it again yet but I hope the day comes when I do.
  4. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Bought for completionist’s sake in 2010 or 11 I think, because of Toy Story 3. I’ve never seen it all the way through and I’m pretty sure it’s terrible, but, well, the reason above.
  5. The Sword in the Stone Running theme here of unopened Disney DVDs. Yeah, I don’t remember much about this one. Do know I like the wizard’s song. And that it’s one of those really early Disney movies that’s not quite as cuddly as you remember. This was my most recent buy (Fopp, £5, story of my life) and I will watch it on a lazy Sunday.