Ketchup infused with chewing gum and tobacco anyone?


Everything I brought home from Manchester.


'Cucumber' getting filmed on a Thursday night under a massive light.


Sat in Manchester, eating Taco Bell. Winning like Charlie Sheen.


Was literally thinking of doing this myself. Until I realised there was an ocean and a country in the way. Was there 11 months ago though. Wonder if the doctor who lives there approves of the floral slip hazard on his steps?



Robin Williams on F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Robin Williams(1951- 2014)


Bit the £1.60 bullet on a krispy kreme caramel crunch. Then unchained melody came on the radio and it was like a love story. Then crazy by Patsy Cline came on and that didn’t feel so great.




A game for those who seek to find

A way to leave their world behind

You roll the dice to move a token, doubles gets another turn, the first player to reach the end wins.


DO NOT BEGIN unless you intend TO FINISH

The exciting consequences of the game will vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji and called out its name.



Your adventure has come to an end. RIP, ya goofy wonderful man.



41 Million YouTube views for a reason


I shall look upon my enemy…


Saw this building last night, decided it was rad.

Look how small the man in front of the bus stop looks next to it

"I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me."

— Marc Maron (via goofballery)